Each person has a certain hobby or hobby, to which he tries to devote as much of his free time as possible. For some people, reading is a favorite activity,…

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Check parachute before jumping
No one has canceled the briefing before the jump, so to be sure of your own safety, you need to check all the equipment and the parachute. A preflight check…

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Ground lunch is a relatively young sport. Although many people call starting from the slope “the invention of the bicycle”, we know for sure that this is not an invention,…

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Skydiving: truth and fiction

Parachuting is one of the most extreme sports that a man could think of. Very few people decide to jump with a parachute – and very few people, having decided to jump to nowhere, continue this dangerous occupation. As in any sport, there are laymen who consider themselves to be true professionals. It is thanks to such people that unconfirmed facts and rumors often turn out to be among the uninitiated, which turn out to be lies and fiction. In this post we will try to talk about the most common myths of parachuting. Continue reading

Wingsuit – free aeronautics

Since antiquity, man has dreamed of flying, and even with the advent of airplanes, the relevance of the ancient desire has not diminished at all. But the world is constantly improving, and today the human dream has practically become a reality. To feel like a free bird, you only need to dress in a special costume equipment Wingsuit and rush, spreading its wings, in free flight.

Wingsuit is a fabric suit that simulates wings. Continue reading

Introduction to BASE Jumping

BASE Jumping is one of the most popular destinations in extreme sports. The essence of BASE jumping is jumping from a fixed (immovable) object. To do it, you must use a special parachute.
The main objects from which basejumpers jump (or abbreviated as “basers”) are buildings, floors, bridges, antennas or rocks.

This sport belongs to the types of parachutism and is considered the most dangerous of all its varieties. This sporting trends are considered extremely extreme. Continue reading

Preparing for the first jump: equipment for beginners

At first glance, a beginner in parachute sports faces a lot of difficulties. In fact, everything is not as difficult as it seems. We will try to answer the most common questions that you may have after making a decision to try your hand at jumping. So:
What to wear?
• Wear special sports equipment, and if you do not have it yet, you can limit yourself to just comfortable casual clothing suitable for the weather conditions of a particular day. Continue reading

First parachute jump

I went to Taupo, New Zealand, and this was my first parachute jump. Skydiving has never been something that I desperately wanted to do, or even miss such a fleeting thought, but you know, as they say, when you’re in New Zealand …
So I discovered that with strangers I was going to jump from 4500 meters into the thin air above the amazing Lake Taupo, which from this distance looked like a simple pond on the horizon of tiny things. Continue reading

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After a parachute jump, it's easier to take on the little things in life.
Do you want to feel like a bird in free flight, but still can not cross that treasured line? So this article is for you! Alexander Tunikov will help us…


How to fly
Have you decided to jump with a parachute? "First-timers" (as they call those who are going to get acquainted with the sky for the first time) can do this in…


Turning the brakes
For example, it was previously noted that the cornering angle of a dome can be changed using front free ends. As in the example with the sled, pulling up both…


Jumping from heaven
Trite, but the parachute was also invented by Leonardo da Vinci. In addition to the helicopter and the flying saucer, which he himself could not translate into materials contemporary to…