Information for beginners
Parachuting is gaining more and more popularity among young people. Every year more and more young people discover this extreme kind of recreation and become its fans. Therefore, this article…

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Parachuting as a hobby
Life in the modern world is subject to severe stress, both at home and at work, and in society. Strong emotional upheavals are not always positive. Because of this, a…

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Wingsuit - free aeronautics
Since antiquity, man has dreamed of flying, and even with the advent of airplanes, the relevance of the ancient desire has not diminished at all. But the world is constantly…

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After a parachute jump, it’s easier to take on the little things in life.

Do you want to feel like a bird in free flight, but still can not cross that treasured line? So this article is for you!
Alexander Tunikov will help us make a decisive step for us. He has been heading the team of the Chernigov parachute club for more than ten years.

In 1985, Alexander graduated from the Volchansk Aviation School, pilots DOSAAF, since then and works in the club. First – an instructor, then a flight commander, the head of the club, and, finally, his leader. Continue reading


one of the types of aviation sports; competition in jumping from an aircraft using a parachute; in the USSR, the development of P. s. owes to the activity of Osoaviahima, on the initiative and under whose leadership in the early 1930s. Demonstration jumps began to be held, and then skydiving competitions. The first jumps were made on July 27, 1930 by a group of athletes (6 people) under the direction of military pilot L. G. Minov. After the 1st rally of parachutist athletes (Tushino, 1935), which was attended by 128 men and 20 women from 21 flying clubs in the country, competitions in parachuting, parachute jumping, aircraft jumping techniques were held in many cities. Continue reading

Air extreme

Skydiving attracts those who want to feel like a bird, but the parachute itself makes it difficult to feel the flight to the full. Skydivers are able to fly without aids – parachutists who discover the sky in free flight before the dome opens. What is skydiving, understood
Parachuting is multifaceted, everyone can choose the type of jumps for themselves, but it is skydiving – translated as “diving into the sky”, it allows you to slide along the air flow, perform tricks, build figures. Skydiving used to be a part of parachuting, but now it stands out in a separate category. Continue reading

Jump to nowhere

When Comrade Minov, who had returned from the United States, convinced Soviet pilots that it was safe to jump with a parachute, nobody believed. Only pilot Yakov Moszkowski decided to test the technology on himself. It was he who created the first parachute schools in the USSR.
In the 1930s, parachuting began to develop massively in the USSR. In 1934, 14 first brave men received the title of master of parachuting. Following the organizer of parachutism in the USSR, Leonid Minov, was his disciple Yakov Moshkovsky. Continue reading

Skydiving and safety

As in any sport, safety when skydiving depends on following the rules and their precise implementation. Their strict implementation helps to avoid accidents that can lead to serious injuries and even death. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with some of the rules for safe skydiving.

Complete a physical examination
Before you make your first jump, be sure to go through a physical examination. Continue reading

Monitoring the air situation becomes
Turns greater than 90 degrees carry an unacceptable degree of risk to other skydivers. Monitoring the air situation becomes very difficult if you deviate from the generally accepted approach pattern.…


How will the jump
Before landing, parachutists are distributed by weight - the heaviest must jump first. The plane makes circles above the airfield, quickly gaining altitude, while it can lay ears. The instructor…


Preliminary flight plan to the South Pole
We will fly out on the Basler BT-67 to the south, fly over the mountains of Queen Maud Land and then fly over the Antarctic Plateau. After 4 - 4,…


The first step in the development
I hope that my comments above will to understand what is happening during the turn. In short, both types of turns lead to an increase in vertical and horizontal speed,…