Check parachute before jumping
No one has canceled the briefing before the jump, so to be sure of your own safety, you need to check all the equipment and the parachute. A preflight check…

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Hyundai minivans Reviews on
Сrazy hands
The fact is that the parachute seller must himself be a famous and experienced skydiver with at least 1000 jumps behind him. Since the seller is indirectly responsible for the…

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Skydiving and safety
As in any sport, safety when skydiving depends on following the rules and their precise implementation. Their strict implementation helps to avoid accidents that can lead to serious injuries and…

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Types of parachuting

Landing accuracy jumps – parachute jumps exactly in the middle of a circle specially marked on the ground

This is the oldest of the parachute sport. Landing accuracy jumps appeared in the 60s, when the first guided round parachutes appeared. Then the task was to land in the 100-meter circle. A deviation of 80 meters was considered a good result. Today, the tolerance is 0 centimeters or, as they say, “zero”. Currently, there are special parachutes designed to work on the accuracy of landing.

Individual acrobatics – performing acrobatic stunts in the air in free fall

What is skydiving
As a type of parachuting, individual acrobatics appeared, practically simultaneously with jumps on landing accuracy.
If the accuracy of landing is the ability to control the dome, then acrobatics is the ability to control your body on the stream. For more than 20 years, exercises on the ability to control your body (in the horizontal plane – making spirals, in the vertical plane – rotation, performing flips) were the basis of international and national competitions.
Subsequently, the exercise was called “classic parachuting”.

Group acrobatics – building the maximum number of airborne figures from several parachutists

This is one of the most affordable sports for advanced athletes. The first variant of group acrobatics is “classic” – when the number of paratroopers in a team is 4 or 8. Accordingly, the teams are called “fours” and “eight”. The main pieces to be rebuilt are usually known and are announced before the start of the competition. The names of the figures already give some idea of ​​how they will look like: “glass”, “star”, “rings”, etc. The second variant of group accrobatics is the formation of formations from a record-high number of parachutists.

Para-Ski (Para -ski) – a biathlon in classical parachuting and skiing.
Athletes first jump with a parachute on the landing accuracy (classic parachuting), and then run a ski race at a certain distance. Competitions in this type of parachuting appeared simultaneously with competitions in jumping for landing accuracy.

Skysurfing – skydiving with skiing with the performance of various figures in the air in free fall.
This is a relatively young type of skydiving. Appearing recently, he received a very rapid development in Russia.
Aerodynamics skier is very different from a simple free fall, so jumping with a ski is considered almost another sport. Since all the work is in free fall, an air operator is needed to evaluate the jump, which removes the entire jump. Based on this video is rated.

Thus, the team consists of two people: a skier-surfer and an operator. Only 50 seconds of jump is taken into account. Evaluated the skill and artistry of performing figures, as well as the work of the operator. In order for the ski not to interfere, in emergency situations there is an automatic mechanism of ski uncoupling.

Freestyle (FreeStyle) – a free-fall performance of a variety of parachutist figures in the air.
All work is in free fall and an operator is needed to observe the jump. Working out pieces on the ground requires special equipment. Close to freestyle are Sit Flying (“Flying Sitting” – literally) and Vertical Relative Work – VRW. These types are traditionally also considered freestyle, and have very small differences. Freestyle classes are available for many advanced athletes, but due to the lack of information on freestyle in Russia, this sport has not yet received proper development.

Free Fly – a team in the air in a free fall of various shapes
Relatively young and, perhaps, the most entertaining artistic discipline of parachuting. Appearing in the early 90s, the freefly was the result of a long search and attempts of paratroopers to break out of the framework of hard and conservative sports.
Freefly is a team sport. The team consists of two athletes (performers), performing during the free fall various figures, and shooting their aerial videographer. This sport is an interactive discipline involving the interaction of the air operator and the team.

What is skydiving
The performance of the team begins from the moment of leaving the aircraft and lasts 45 seconds. Unlike traditional types of parachuting, where the vertical speed of fall is 180-200 km / h, the speed of the fall of team members can reach 250-300 km / h due to vertical fall poses (upside down, standing, etc.) The skill of team members is characterized not only by the dexterity of owning their body, but also by the ability to feel the air flow and move in it.

Swoop (Swoop) – parachute jumps with a long flight above the ground upon landing.
With the advent of high-speed elliptical domes, the possibility of building high-speed landings and flying over the ground appeared.

What else you need to know
Jumps take place most often on weekends (in the summer jumps are possible and during the week). Building, primary instruction (if you have chosen a short preparation before the jump)…


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Types of parachuting
Landing accuracy jumps - parachute jumps exactly in the middle of a circle specially marked on the ground This is the oldest of the parachute sport. Landing accuracy jumps appeared…