Traveling up Tamlinson
Obviously, in the latter case, the person will need a very fireproof spacesuit. But even jumping from lower altitudes is not an easy task. Nevertheless, the partners are thinking not…

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How to survive with a parachute failure
Approximately one of the 100 thousand jumps of professional skydivers ends in death Former instructor of the British Army, Emil Chillie, was found guilty of attempted murder of his wife,…

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Each person has a certain hobby or hobby, to which he tries to devote as much of his free time as possible. For some people, reading is a favorite activity,…

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Air extreme

Skydiving attracts those who want to feel like a bird, but the parachute itself makes it difficult to feel the flight to the full. Skydivers are able to fly without aids – parachutists who discover the sky in free flight before the dome opens. What is skydiving, understood
Parachuting is multifaceted, everyone can choose the type of jumps for themselves, but it is skydiving – translated as “diving into the sky”, it allows you to slide along the air flow, perform tricks, build figures. Skydiving used to be a part of parachuting, but now it stands out in a separate category.

There is no exact date for the appearance of skydiving, parachutists, who tried to spend more time in the sky without opening the dome, began to practice it. Their desire was so strong that skydiving is now one of the most popular aerial sports.

Skydiving is considered to be one of the most spectacular and most beautiful types of extreme sports. The sky in which the athlete swims seems closer and more accessible, so the free fall attracts extreme people so much.

The height from which skydivers jump, can reach up to 2 kilometers, while ordinary jumps are made from a height of 800-900 meters. And extra meters are extra seconds spent in the sky.

You can try yourself in the role of skydiver, only by jumping properly with a parachute. The ideal ability to count the seconds before the dome opens and before landing is a prerequisite for diving into heaven. In free fall you will need to continue to learn to count, but to do it already on the machine. The higher the altitude, the longer the flight without a parachute can take, but you still have to open it. Experienced skydivers have fun opening the parachute as late as possible, but they know the limit for sure.

Becoming a separate skydiving, skydiving was divided into several types:

Figured group diving is the construction of those very air figures, the sight of which is breathtaking. To perform these tricks, athletes are not a day or two training on the ground, counting everything up to milliseconds;

Freestyle or high-altitude ballet – dance in the air. Freestyle is most often carried away by “earthly” dancers, acrobats, gymnasts – all those who have a sense of rhythm and good flexibility. Dances, as in figure diving, are also practiced on the ground, but with the help of special equipment that simulates weightlessness;
FreeFly is a kind of skydiving in which athletes perform stunts while sitting or head down. With such body positions in the air, the fall rate increases. If usually it is about 100 km / hour, then head down or sitting down, you have to fly more than times as fast – at a speed of 250 km / hour. This type of sky navigation is considered more dangerous than the others, since such a speed can make your head spin. Especially if you fly this head down.
Skysurfing is a kind of skydiving that has practically passed into a separate type of skydiving. Catching a wave, as skysefers prove, is possible not only in the ocean, but also in the air. On board the aircraft, each celestial surfer takes with him a mono-ski board, in which he jumps out of the plane and catches air currents during free flight. To become a sky surfer, you first need to become a skydiver, then an ordinary skydiver, and only then get the right to fly on the board.

Skydiving is considered an extremely dangerous air sport – because there is a risk of diving too deep into the sky and forgetting to open a parachute in time. At the same time, skydiving is called a low-risk parachute extreme, because skydiver has more time than an ordinary skydiver to open a parachute and group for landing. Therefore, everything depends on the sky diver himself – whether his flight will be dangerous or not.
There are also factors that do not depend on the skill of the skydiver – air turbulence and disruptions in the body. Prior to the opening of the dome, a free-flying parachutist depends entirely on the air flow — where they are, there he is. Unforeseen air whirlpools can whirl, turn, or even arrange a sky flip several times in a row. It can disorient, knock out the rhythm. But experienced skydivers know about such force majeure and successfully cope with them.

It is another matter if the vestibular system of the body is destabilized from such shakes. The negative consequences of such a failure – nausea, dizziness, and even loss of consciousness. Therefore, skydivers do not fly alone – operators are next to them, who take off the jump and will assist if necessary.

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What is skydiving
Parachute - from the French "parachute" (Greek "para" - "against 2" and French "chute" - "fall") - a device for braking an object due to the resistance of the atmosphere.…


Monitoring the air situation becomes
Turns greater than 90 degrees carry an unacceptable degree of risk to other skydivers. Monitoring the air situation becomes very difficult if you deviate from the generally accepted approach pattern.…


What else you need to know
Jumps take place most often on weekends (in the summer jumps are possible and during the week). Building, primary instruction (if you have chosen a short preparation before the jump)…