The first step in the development
I hope that my comments above will to understand what is happening during the turn. In short, both types of turns lead to an increase in vertical and horizontal speed,…

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Monitoring the air situation becomes
Turns greater than 90 degrees carry an unacceptable degree of risk to other skydivers. Monitoring the air situation becomes very difficult if you deviate from the generally accepted approach pattern.…

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Сrazy hands
The fact is that the parachute seller must himself be a famous and experienced skydiver with at least 1000 jumps behind him. Since the seller is indirectly responsible for the…

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After a parachute jump, it’s easier to take on the little things in life.

Do you want to feel like a bird in free flight, but still can not cross that treasured line? So this article is for you!
Alexander Tunikov will help us make a decisive step for us. He has been heading the team of the Chernigov parachute club for more than ten years.

In 1985, Alexander graduated from the Volchansk Aviation School, pilots DOSAAF, since then and works in the club. First – an instructor, then a flight commander, the head of the club, and, finally, his leader.

– Alexander, how much more dangerous is skydiving than other sports?
– According to statistics, which was carried out in the times of the Soviet Union at the sports committee, and according to current statistics, it is no more dangerous than other sports. In the same football, the injury rate is much higher. Of course, skydiving is an extreme sport that carries risks for life. A share of danger is present, therefore there are medical requirements and certain moral qualities must be present.

– What, in your opinion, encourages people to jump with a parachute?
– The desire to know themselves, to know the limits of their capabilities, to push them apart, to establish themselves in this world. Almost always, these are the inner motives of a person who wants to know himself better with the help of a parachute jump.

– What is changing in the world perception after the first jump?
– A person begins to treat himself differently, he realizes that danger, fear, how to overcome himself in this fear. Everyone reacts differently, but people do not get worse after a parachute jump. The emotional surge of the jump gives the understanding that there is not so much in life that makes you really upset.

– It is better when a person is afraid or not afraid? And how to overcome the fear of jumping? Your three main tips.
– Nobody can give such advice. Psychologists answer this simply: if a person is not afraid before jumping with a parachute, then this is not normal. Fear of the unknown, the new laid in the instincts. The stress factor for skydiving is great. A person is poured on one day with so much new and unexpected information and the emotional load is so great that fear would be a reaction to this healthy mind. But it is good. If a person is scared, then he goes and does what he needs. Overcoming your own fear, making a decision is the moment of truth.

– If a person decides, will he apply to make a jump? Who to trust and how to understand that he will fall into safe hands?
– It is worthwhile to fear organizations of “one-day” organizations, which have come from nowhere and can also disappear. Our club has been operating since 1964. Gained tradition. There is already established instructor staff. These are people who have undergone special training, have extensive experience (more than a thousand jumps), methodological, pedagogical, and psychological training. The youngest instructor has the experience of 7 years. Therefore, coming to the club, the person himself can appreciate everything. Here everything is built on trust.

– Who definitely jumps contraindicated?
– Those who have diseases of the musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular system, nervous system, kidney diseases, who recently suffered injuries. Before the jump, a person signs a medical statement in which he indicates that he does not suffer from certain diseases. Their list is quite large, although if a person jumps with an instructor in tandem, then absolute health is not required. The instructor does everything himself, even lands on his feet, and the beginner parachutist feels like a passenger.

“But is physical fitness still desirable?”
– Required! We do not let people jump with a weight of more than 95 kg. Why? Because when landing, there are loads on the legs, and if the person is himself heavy, then the risk of injury to the legs increases.

– Why don’t they usually stop at the first jump?
– It is exciting, it’s great. In addition, it is interesting to communicate in a healthy team.

– How did you make your first jump? What pushed him?
– It was back in 1976. He came to the club as a schoolboy, worked out, jumped. Then there was preparation from the military registration and enlistment office, there I exercised – I jumped. In the army he served – he jumped, then he entered the school, and after the school he came here to work as an instructor.

– Is there a dependency on jumping? And they say that the second time to jump harder than the first. It’s true?
– All individually. It depends on temperament, someone adapts faster, someone is slower, there are no identical people.

– How does the family relate to your occupation? Are kids also skydivers?
– My daughter has already jumped 20 times, his wife jumped 6 times. For a woman, in general, family is more important, parachutism is more a man’s occupation, but at home, all the same, we speak the same language.

– What should never be done while jumping?
– You can not do what the instructor does not allow. Lichats we immediately attribute to the risk group, establish control and, if repeated violation, we exclude. If a person goes beyond safety consciously, there is nothing to do in parachuting, it is better to look for adventures in another place.

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