Introduction to BASE Jumping
BASE Jumping is one of the most popular destinations in extreme sports. The essence of BASE jumping is jumping from a fixed (immovable) object. To do it, you must use…

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What else you need to know
Jumps take place most often on weekends (in the summer jumps are possible and during the week). Building, primary instruction (if you have chosen a short preparation before the jump)…

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How to prepare for the jump
For all beginners, the path to the first jump is the same - through the school of parachuting. Such schools exist in large numbers, anyone can study there. Some clubs…

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Parachute jump, or Dubai from a bird’s eye view

Along with other sports, skydiving in Dubai is available all year round for almost everyone. It is noteworthy that not only professional skydivers can test their abilities, but even amateurs and beginners. To begin with, you will be asked to take a test flight on a special wind tunnel, and after a short briefing you will have the opportunity to make your first exciting parachute jump and see Dubai from a height.

When you prefer a real air flight to a wind tunnel, you will have an exciting and beautiful skydiving in Dubai. This sport has received in recent years a very significant leap in its formation and development. On the territory of the Emirate there are various flying clubs that have modern equipment and equipment. Thanks to the development of such clubs, skydiving in Dubai has won millions of fans around the world.

Professional flying clubs produce training and training of applicants. Guests can take both a single jump, and joint with the instructor. So novices can ensure the safest flight and a soft landing. All that is required of you is to experience indescribable sensations and enjoy magnificent views in free fall.

Dubai Sky Dive – an exciting and exciting sport
Dubai Sky Dive is an incredible sight that will not leave indifferent even seasoned travelers. Of course, this is one of the most beautiful and spectacular sports, which includes the following disciplines:

Freestyle and freefly;
Single and collective aerial acrobatics;
Sky surfing
Free fall, dizzying heights and incredible speed of fall make skydiving fascinating for millions of extreme lovers. Visiting Dubai, you should definitely see demonstrations of aerial athletes and acrobats. You can be sure that you will remember this holiday for many years.
Dubai Airshow – the most ambitious and famous air show in the world. On it you can see the most advanced developments in the aerospace industry, admire the aerobatics performed by the most experienced pilots, and, of course, make useful business contacts.

For the first time the air show in the UAE was organized in 1989, now it takes place in Dubai every two years, attracting the attention of the whole world. The exhibition shows the company Fairs and Exhibitions. In addition, the Dubai Airshow is supported by the International Airport and the Government of Dubai, as well as the Department of Civil Aviation of the United Arab Emirates and His Highness Sheikh Mohammed.

How is the famous air show in Dubai
Dubai Airshow is first of all the largest exhibition of the aerospace industry. On the vast territory at the same time all the advanced aviation and space technology is located: civil airliners, military aircraft, drones, helicopters, rocket launchers, navigation and other electronic systems, equipment for airports. Separately, there are pavilions on which different countries exhibit their exhibits.

For example, in 2015 at the UAE air show in 2015, Etihad Airways surprised everyone with the most luxurious passenger liners today, which combine high functionality with maximum comfort and safety.

More than a thousand representatives of the aerospace industry take part in the airshow in Dubai, and the number of visitors reaches several tens of thousands of people (and this taking into account the fact that only aviation professionals, official representatives of companies and the media are allowed to attend the event).

The main objective of the exhibition is not only to demonstrate advanced aerospace equipment, but also to expand its market. The sum on which transactions are made during an air show, reaches more than 100 billion dollars.

In addition to the aerospace exhibition, Dubai Airshow also hosts various business and information events: forums, seminars, round tables, and conferences. They provide participants with the opportunity to establish business contacts, exchange experiences, and discuss topical issues.

Of particular interest to visitors is, of course, the demonstration flights, from which just breathtaking. Aerobatics performed by pilots of international class, so unforgettable emotions are provided to you.

The organizers of the Dubai Airshow have for many years maintained the highest standards for holding international exhibitions. Every year the popularity of the event is growing, and the level of its holding is becoming higher and higher.

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