First parachute jump
I went to Taupo, New Zealand, and this was my first parachute jump. Skydiving has never been something that I desperately wanted to do, or even miss such a fleeting…

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Preliminary flight plan to the South Pole
We will fly out on the Basler BT-67 to the south, fly over the mountains of Queen Maud Land and then fly over the Antarctic Plateau. After 4 - 4,…

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Check parachute before jumping
No one has canceled the briefing before the jump, so to be sure of your own safety, you need to check all the equipment and the parachute. A preflight check…

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What else you need to know

Jumps take place most often on weekends (in the summer jumps are possible and during the week). Building, primary instruction (if you have chosen a short preparation before the jump) and the distribution of instructors is usually carried out at 9-10 am.

Sometimes the instruction is delayed for a long time, so it is better to take food with you for the whole day, the buffet is not everywhere.

You must have an identity card (passport, military ID, student ID or “rights”) and money for the jump. Do not forget to also provide funds in case of a fine (for example, in case of loss of the ring).

Usually, they jump from small aircraft (in most clubs it is the Yak or An), in some places there are helicopters. Usually the technique is old, but reliable. By the way, for one parachuter the winged car will not be lifted into the air, a group of at least five people is needed.

As for equipment, then for the first time it is quite possible to confine to “earthly” clothes and shoes. Even in the hottest time, you should prefer thick and comfortable clothing with long sleeves, with buttoned cuffs and long pants, such as overalls.

It should be borne in mind that upon landing, your clothes are likely to get dirty and (or) tear, so it makes sense to take a replacement set with you. Strong shoes with thick soles and low heels that will not fly off the foot during the jump and securely fix the ankle are highly desirable. Best of all, if it will be tight and high boots with lacing (sneakers are undesirable). Take your gloves with you (in any weather).

Before jumping, it is better to remove jewelery and watches with a metal bracelet from yourself (or leave at home), and also remove fragile, piercing, cutting objects from your pockets.

On the day you schedule to visit the sky, there must be summer weather. This means, first of all, that the wind speed should be less than 6 m / s, and the cloudiness is small. The plane also will not be able to take off if the thaw has spoiled the take-off field.

Contraindications to independent skydiving:

Serious chronic diseases (especially cardiovascular, including high blood pressure at the time of inspection before the jump, and neuro-mental).
Severe myopia and other vision problems. With what kind of vision you can and with what you should not go to the airfield, it is better to consult with your eye specialist. Goggles in any case it is better to prefer contact lenses or glasses with plastic glasses, which should be fixed behind. It is recommended to have ski or special parachute goggles (you may be given them on the spot). They are needed so that the lenses do not blow out of the eyes with a stream of air.
Fractures If in the past you had injuries to your legs, pelvic bones, spinal column, or any other diseases of the musculoskeletal system, you should consult your doctor. For example, for leg fractures, you cannot jump for a year after a complete accretion of bones.
The state of alcohol and (or) drug intoxication.
Problems with coordination of movements.
Weight less than 40 and more than 95 kg.

How to get where you need
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