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Traveling up Tamlinson

Obviously, in the latter case, the person will need a very fireproof spacesuit. But even jumping from lower altitudes is not an easy task. Nevertheless, the partners are thinking not only about the means of saving astronauts, but also about an unusual business.

Imagine that you are climbing a suborbital trajectory on a small open rocket chair (something like this). At a height of one hundred meters, you contemplate the black sky and the stars, the planet under your feet and … leave the chair. Then you fall to the ground on your own, of course – in a special spacesuit.

During the fall, your speed reaches 4 thousand kilometers per hour, so that without additional heat-shielding layers on top of the suit is not enough. When braking in more dense layers of the atmosphere, the overload will reach 4.4 g, and the temperature of the surface of the suit will jump to 240 degrees.

Having flown a decent distance, you release a small drag chute, and the speed drops to 200 kilometers per hour. And at a height of one kilometer, after seven minutes of an exciting fall, you open the most ordinary, main, parachute and gently fall to the ground.

Surely there are brave souls who will be ready to pay a lump sum for such a jump.

Here we must add that in terms of travel upward Tamlinson is counting on his acquaintance with the famous creator of the game Doom John Carmack (John Carmack) and his space company Armadillo Aerospace.

How real is all this? NASA engineer Robert Manning (Robert Manning) argues that there are no fundamental bans on such a system. Although it will be very difficult to build a really working superscapher for returning to Earth. For example, the big question is the impact on the body in a spacesuit of shock waves in supersonic sound.

Here, the authors of the project present a historical precedent that inspires some optimism: in 1966, the SR-71 Blackbird crashed at an altitude of almost 23.8 kilometers during a flight at a speed of 3.18 M (that is, more than three speeds of sound). Pilot Bill Weaver who fell out of the cockpit – survived, and he did not have long-term injuries, although a sudden blow of air deprived him of consciousness.

The main parts of the suit for the high-jump: 1 – one-piece suit with a removable helmet, gloves and boots; 2 – transparent visor from polymer or quartz glass; 3 – liquid thermoregulation system; 4 – small rocket engines on compressed gas for turns in zero gravity; 5 – additional heat-shielding material, fastened to the main suit with Velcro or zipper; 6 – boots and gloves, hermetically connected to the suit; 7 – brake parachute; 8 – closed oxygen system with chemical carbon dioxide absorbers (illustration: Brown Bird Design, Nick Kaloterakis).

It should be noted here that Clark studied almost all the high-altitude catastrophes in history: from jumping from balloons and from the cockpit of jet planes to tragedies in astronautics. He calls himself an encyclopedia of all the ways you can die in space and on the way down.

So there is hope that the analysis of past failures will allow innovators from Orbital Outfitters to come up with a reliable way to safely individual return from orbit. Especially since the spacesuits they will develop not alone, but with the help of a number of other companies specializing in this or that equipment.

It is curious that Orbital Outfitters intends to develop not one high-rise suit, but a whole line of various space suits. And it will start with a simpler suit – for suborbital tourist leaps inside the space capsules.

The task of such clothes will be to maintain human life in the event of an emergency depressurization of the suborbital apparatus at altitudes up to 150 kilometers.

Then the complexity of the Orbital Outfitters spacesuits will increase until finally a model appears capable of lowering the astronaut from the space orbit (a kind of “emergency vest”).

How to resist a temperature of 1650 degrees with such a descent, the partners in an amazing project have not yet considered. Probably, the spacesuit will need to provide a blown thermal shield? Tamlinson and his comrades are now more focused on jumping from 37 and 97 kilometers, however, they keep further phenomenal plans in mind.

Recruits such high-altitude jumps are encouraged by Joseph Kittinger himself (Joseph Kittinger), who owns the current record: in 1960, he jumped with a parachute from a height of 31.333 kilometers. The 78-year-old Air Force veteran is optimistic that the most important thing for a successful jump is not the availability of a trained and experienced skydiver, but proper equipment.

So, in the event of the appearance of the necessary technology, desperate tourists will also be able to jump from space.

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