Parachuting as a hobby
Life in the modern world is subject to severe stress, both at home and at work, and in society. Strong emotional upheavals are not always positive. Because of this, a…

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Parachuting as a hobby

Life in the modern world is subject to severe stress, both at home and at work, and in society. Strong emotional upheavals are not always positive. Because of this, a person constantly needs to get rid of negative emotions. The simplest solution for this is to practice extreme sports, as during a class a person undergoes a strong emotional shake and adrenaline enters the body.

Now skydiving is gaining popularity. Many who have heard about him and know a lot of facts, but there are those who are happy to deal with them. Starting skydiving is easier than it seems. The main thing – to have the desire and willpower.

The history of the skydiving
The very first mention of a parachute occurred when Leonardo da Vinci told in his picture that a person has the opportunity to fly with the help of a cloth that was treated with starch. Already in the XVIII century, invented a parachute. After 2 centuries, the pilots began to need their own parachutes, so their model began to change.

And at the end of July 1930 a historic moment occurred – the first parachute jump. A few years later, this significant day was made an official holiday for parachutists.

Basic rules for parachuting
For a beginner, the jump will be a very nervous event. Since parachuting is associated with stress, some people are forbidden to engage in them, for example, those who have heart problems or hypertension, because it is a big burden on the body, both physically and psychologically. Therefore, before class, you should go to a therapist and undergo an examination of the whole body. After receiving the tests and all indicators of the body, the doctor will either allow jumps or not. In addition, overweight people are also not recommended to jump. The most ideal figure is 75-80 kilograms.

Before jumping, everyone must be instructed with a professional that will last about 4 hours. Let it seem like a very long process, but safety is the most important thing in jumping from a height. There is an option – jump together with the instructor.

As a rule, the jump occurs from a height of 9000 meters and takes only 5 minutes. To make the landing pleasant, it is recommended to turn against the direction of the wind and slow down, and at the very end put two feet on the ground.

What you need to know about the first jump
To prepare for the jump, you can join a parachute club or contact a company that specializes in skydiving.

All beginners are given an individual instructor who checks the quality and safety of the equipment:

2 parachutes
devices for insurance.
As for the cost of the jump, it is always different and depends on different indicators. As a rule, the minimum price starts from 6000 rubles, and then it all depends on the club, equipment, level of training and experience of the instructor. By the way, you need suitable clothes, for example, such

There is nothing complicated in parachuting. For someone, this will really cause stress and nervous tension. And all the more it may seem that giving a high cost in 5 minutes of flight is too expensive. But for this money the jumper has a guarantee of security, all the more it is worth it, because those emotions and impressions that exist during and after the jump are unique. Try it for sure.

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